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Many of the lines that appear over time in the face of the repeated contraction of facial muscles squeezed into the dynamic lines are created . Today, the best treatment for removing these lines, botulinum toxin , or BOTOX is injected . Botulinum , a protein that can weaken the muscles temporarily . Thus the superficial and deep facial wrinkles caused by muscle contraction , such as frown lines , horizontal lines on the forehead and eye wrinkles corner radius ( wrinkles Crow 's Claw ) are destroyed . Botox injections in the forehead, the face does not come in synthetic form , beauty should be based on facial components , the size of the forehead, between the eyes and eyebrows and facial expressions when laughing , angry and above the eyebrows to be determined. Botox injections , there are more than ten different methods in consultation with specialized examination to determine any individual fret diagrams , design and planning is the same person to the face does not find the artificial . Botulinum toxin in the center of Dysport manufactured by IPSEN used any other medicines , Chinese is not injected .