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The method developed by a sensitive device by a stream of fine crystals within 10 to 15 minutes to create a cutting surface without the discomfort of superficial layers of dead skin is removed, and the stimulation of fibroblasts and collagen building, the skin will become younger and more refreshed. Also, a suction on the skin also causes accumulation of crystal Shvdkh skin and increasing blood flow and freshness to the skin. A further advantage of this method can include the following:
  Repair the skin and close the pores of the skin open    
Abryzhn microdermabrasion acne scar treatment, chicken pox, scars and scars so deep, is very effective. Also for the treatment of open skin pores, one of the treatments, microdermabrasion is Abryzhn.

   Fades spots caused by aging and sun

Microdermabrasion Abryzhn impact satisfying fade or wipe out the stain has, especially if it coincides with medications stain upon use. Recent survey conducted revealed that 20 influence of vitamin C after a treatment session is.