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Dr. Leila Miralizadeh Fard
Physician, inventor and innovator of dedicated beauty

Dedicated to creating beauty in the face of modern medicine means special methods to fit the individual components as well as the taste and social status is. This is the result of combining art and craft aesthetic, scientific and practical experience, he is a doctor.

Aesthetic Medicine Society of America
  Medical Laser Association of America
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  Member of International Association for Laser Therapy
Member of Iranian Medical Laser Association

 I have tried the usual steps and iterative methods , and abstain , because I do not have any urge clients face constant rejection and its effect on my place . The medical center is equipped with modern beauty of our precious clients , according to their preferences and characteristics of the grid to fit the age and social position , and N. Shaw , different departments gave different suggestions for rejuvenation and beautiful , will receive said.
For example , Botox injections in the forehead of a middle-aged woman who is a school principal wearing glasses , with Supreme 's CEO Mr. elderly is quite different . Also filling in laugh lines looking young woman who recently suffered this complication is severe weight loss , filling the same line in an elderly woman who greater degree of relaxation and sagging skin quite distinct.
Methods specific to each individual, all the departments facing modern medicine is true beauty and not on proven scientific principles in a manner consistent with a uniform method for all to use . If the aesthetics of art and the principles of medical science that fail to integrate our beautiful , the work , many clients will soon enter the realm of the familial aggregation of or participate in the party , which the doctor together signed will become . All species, all lips, nose and forehead are all the same faces and all the lines are the same , so that after a short time constant characteristics are the same that now faces all users , viewers subconsciously remember the name of their physician will throw . It is certainly interesting for readers frequently tell me, as a doctor, beauty , party or sports club , a 60 -year-old woman , 50 -year-old sister and 35 -year-old girl who they vary in terms of jobs and social status I have seen the same grid as the lips, cheeks and nose and forehead smooth frown lines are similar . such a phenomenon quite far from modern medical science principles and incompatible with the art of aesthetic Beautyand face.