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    Laser serve your beauty and youth
One of the best equipped in the center parts department laser. In this part of the world's most advanced laser devices are used. Use lasers per person, meeting medical advice, examinations conducted by the Beauty Plan will be included. To treat skin problems and cosmetic purposes, in the following we use the laser

  Permanent Hair Reduction

To remove unwanted hair, because hair grows in different phases of the cycle anagen, telogen and catagen, it is necessary to be done in consecutive sessions of treatment. After treatment, each holder of one or two sessions, will prevent re-growing hair. Due to the use of anesthetic creams or Srdknndgy Cooling intelligent devices and because our center, patients will not have any discomfort. In addition, the laser device, causing redness, swelling, and skin irritations will be.

  Laser Rejuvenation

For complete rejuvenation treatments along with PRP gel Botox and laser rejuvenation stimulates collagen in the middle layer of the skin and increase the consistency of it. The advantage of this type of laser is completely non-invasive and non-burning and redness, swelling and discomfort does not and has excellent results in consecutive sessions. Also, for those who do not want Botox injections or gels also desirable alternative method is effective

  Close the open pores of the skin

In this method, along with microdermabrasion Abryzhn or alone, be consecutive meetings, no redness, no swelling and peeling. Because collagen, open skin pores are closed and the skin gradually regained his strength grows.

  Laser treatment for inflammatory acne and pimples

Laser to help treat acne and microdermabrasion, along with topical ointments are used Abryzhn. Lasers have also regulates the secretion of sebum, bacteria that cause Knhnyz will be destroyed. The method as in the above methods without any redness, swelling and peeling is unique and has excellent results in consecutive sessions.