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Platelet Rich Plasma or PRP stands for Platelet Rich Plasma is. Some Platelets are blood cells that are responsible for blood clotting function -rich cell growth factors . PRP therapy on platelet growth factors for the construction of cell and tissue in the skin, hair and joints are used.

In fact, this treatment is based on the gifts in the human body to repair and reconstruction , has been established . PRP is done in several steps . Firstly , while patient preparation in a sterile atmosphere and relaxing , a few cc 's of blood is taken exactly the same way in blood transfusion laboratory. The only difference is called PRP kits for blood tubes , collected and then placed in a centrifuge machine . After a few minutes of being in the system , leading to platelet-rich Jdasazyplasmay is , the preparation starts injection of plasma . The 4 C 's own body and in the plasma is obtained under sterile conditions , according to each person's needs in different areas of the face, around the eyes , neck , hands and decolletage area injected. Depending on the extent desired, the entire process takes 30 to 60 minutes of this approach for the treatment of hair loss , especially in women after weight loss and wasting are used. In addition to PRP for the treatment of hair loss , mesotherapy continued use , resulting in a doubling of the hair volume , will be within 10-8 months .