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In this method, amino acids, B vitamins and vitamin C and a variety of active ingredients to build collagen and elastin are used. Concomitant use of rejuvenation and mesotherapy Glowlift, excellent impact strength and improve skin laxity.

  Hair Loss Treatment
Mesotherapy procedure for treatment of female hair loss or telogen Aflvvyvm, followed by weight loss, pregnancy and breast, thyroid problems and insomnia and stress caused, can be used. As a complementary treatment for hair loss on the PRP procedure, mesotherapy, very important and effective.

  Eliminate blur Eye
Treatment for darkness around the eyes, and fill the hollow eye Bazhl PRP procedure, a form of mesotherapy Varbvtyn Vitamin C Brightening injectable medication is being used. Now, the best and most effective way to remove blur Dvrchshm, is a combination of the above methods.

  Fix skin blemishes caused by sun and Gynecology (melasma)
Unfortunately, skin patches, topical treatments such as creams hard and non-hydroquinone hydroquinone respond. Laser therapy is also often causes deterioration of the stain. We have the best and most effective treatment for skin spots, mesotherapy, skin lightening agents that are effective in consecutive sessions, along with sunscreen and avoid light and heat are effective