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Gel filler or filler material due to its easy application and easily implemented methods in high demand all very nice , but what is vital in this regard, given the skills and the fill material . Contrary to the popular notion of quality Gel does not simply relate to survival , because the type or polyacrylamide gel Pazhha the same kind so far has created the most serious and sometimes permanent , but after a few years of complications since the form of granules ( being shot ) and or displacement
There . It is vital to ensure that the quality of the filler . One of the best and safest hyaluronic acid gel is approved by the U.S. FDA , and does not cause allergies . Why is readily absorbed by the body and is also consistent with loss of skin and does not move . Gels lasting six to eight months. This gel can be used to eliminate frown lines , filling facial wrinkles such as lip disability and laugh lines and lips forming and should be used as investment . In the center of hyaluronic gel filler or Restylane are used. The gel , hyaluronic acid best in the world used by all politicians , artists and celebrities placed.

Due to the special nature of this gel is very similar in its molecular form of hyaluronic acid in our body naturally and comfortably sleeps beautiful face and form takes place. Items required by the use of gel on the faces of each person according to age, facial rigging , social status and personal taste as well as three-dimensional imaging based on the initial consultation , the program was allocated Beauty Beauty Plan will be included .